Risks and Rewards of Using Roof Racks

We here at Honda of Abilene feel very strongly that everybody should know how to properly use their vehicles. Unfortunately, many people are not aware how to use the various features of their cars in the proper manner. Using things incorrectly carries the risk of personal injury, damage to the components or vehicle, and other dangers. As such, here are some various tips for how to properly use a roof rack.

Roof racks can be very useful tools, since they make it possible for you to carry much more cargo than otherwise would be possible. Make sure that you follow the instructions carefully when you install the rack, in order to avoid damaging the rack or the roof of your car with the bolts. When it is not in use, remove the rack, since even the most streamlined rack will still be adding to your air resistance, causing drag that will reduce your gas mileage.

If your vehicle is in need of servicing, then feel free to come on down to our showroom. Our technicians at Honda of Abilene will be more than happy to check under the hood and find the solution to the problem.



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