Avoiding the Car Tire Blowout on the Highway

Low air pressure in your car tires could certainly lead to a tire blowout and possible accident on the road. These tips offered by Honda of Abilene should help you spot serious concerns before the tires are compromised.

Look at the tires at least once a week, you want to identify things that just don't see ordinary with the car tires. One of the concerns should be if you see wear in patches or bald spots only in certain sections of the car tire.

While inspecting the car tires, it is important you look for cracks in the treads, no matter how long or deep they may be. These cracks have the potential to lead to bigger issues if they continue to spread across the tire.

At the first sign of tire issues, bring your vehicle to Honda of Abilene so we can determine if the tires need to be properly rotated or replaced.



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