Learn How to Test Your Car Battery

To test the battery in your car, all you really need is a simple voltmeter and the understanding how to use it. Follow this simple guide from the Honda service technicians at Honda of Abilene to test your car battery.

Begin by making sure the lights and the ignition are turned off in the car. Open the hood, locate the car battery, and clean the terminals of any corrosion with a terminal cleaning brush. Locate the red clamp on the voltmeter, marked positive, and clamp it to the positive terminal on the battery. Take the black clamp on the voltmeter, marked negative, and clamp it to the negative terminal on the battery.

Turn on the voltmeter; a good battery will read at 12.4 or higher. A bad battery will show a reading under 12.2 and needs attention. When your car battery is not cranking the engine properly, come to our Honda dealership and we can perform more detailed tests to determine if it needs to be replaced.

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