Driving on a Spare Tire

Today, automakers use several types of spare tires. Some vehicles have a full-sized spare while others have a compact spare. The full-sized spare is a regular tire. The compact tire or “donut” is a space-saving tire meant to get the vehicle to a repair shop. The manufacturer describes the safe speed and recommended distances for the “donut” spare.

Abilene drivers know the importance of having a good spare. Tires can fail in the middle of a trip or local errand. The compact tires do not handle or steer like regular tires, and drivers must lower speeds and drive only a short distance.

At Honda of Abilene, we want everyone to be safe while driving. All vehicles need good tires for safe operation. Please call us if you need to repair or replace a tire. We have high-quality tires to meet your vehicle manufacturer’s standards. Please call or drop by our location today.



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