Correct Flat Tire Replacement

We publish articles like this at Honda of Abilene to help you expertly operate your car in Abilene and anywhere you drive. Expert drivers know how to quickly change a flat tire. Here are some tips to help you quickly and safely replace a flat.

Only change a flat tire on firm, level ground or pavement. Turn off your car before you change a flat. Always engage the hand brake, too. Partially loosen the flat tire's lug nuts before you jack up your car. After you swap tires, start your spare's lug nuts before you lower the car, but finish tightening them with all four tires on the ground for maximum leverage. Secure your tools and flat tire in your trunk.

We wish to stress that spare tires have extremely short lifespans. Drive with care while your spare is on your car. Do not exceed its maximum speed, and fix your flat tire soon.



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