What Should You Do After Noticing a Fluid Leak?

The last thing a car owner wants to see is a pool of fluid lying under the vehicle. This usually signals that something serious is going on with the car. However, not all fluid leaks are necessarily cause for alarm. Learn what a certain type of leak may mean for your vehicle.

The first step in fixing the leak is to find out where it is coming from. A simple way to do this is to look at the color of the fluid. It can be hard to do this on concrete. Instead, try using a piece of paper to catch the leak and determine its color. This can help you trace the fluid back to the source.

Colors can mean different things for different cars. Dark brown coloring usually can be attributed to motor oil. Yellow is generally the color of power steering fluid. Other colors may be coolant or transmission fluid. Check your car's specifications to find out what the colors mean.

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