How To Stop Sun Glare In Its Tracks

Sun glare causes thousands of accidents every year. Safety is Honda of Abilene's top priority, so we're sharing these helpful daytime driving safety tips. Simple maintenance and preventative measures will keep you safe on the sunny streets of Abilene.

A little maintenance goes a long way in preventing sun glare accidents. Clean your vehicle's windshield with a glass cleaner to prevent streaks. Streaks increase the intensity of the sun's glare and affect visibility. While you're cleaning your windshield, inspect the glass for cracks and chips. The inside of your windshield needs to be cleaned too. Finally, never leave napkins or papers on your dashboard. Instead, store them in the glove compartment or center console where they'll be out of the way.

Many drivers keep a pair of inexpensive polarized sunglasses in their car to reduce glare. If you don't have sunglasses, use your sun visor. Leaving an extra car length between you and the driver in front of you is another way to prevent sun glare accidents.



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