Different Types of Truck Cabs

Part of choosing the right truck is deciding what kind of cab you want. Honda of Abilene will be able to help you pick something out, but for now you can take a look at this handy guide to truck cabs.

Standard Cabs

Standard cabs are small, with only one row of seats and two doors. They do come with larger truck beds, making them great for hauling large loads.

Super Cabs

Super cabs or quad cabs have two full-size doors and two suicide doors. They are slightly larger than standard cabs.

Crew Cabs

Crew cabs have two rows of seating and four full-size doors. They are essentially four-door sedans attached to truck beds.

Mega Cabs

Mega cabs are essentially larger versions of crew cabs. They aren't available with all truck models, but they do provide the most comfort and leg room. If crew cabs are four-door sedans with truck beds, mega cabs are like minivans.



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