The risk of having a flat is there every time that you get on the road in Abilene. Are you prepared? If you have a full-size spare, you will have more time to get the flat replaced and it's aesthetically matched to your vehicle. However, a compact temporary spare, which is more commonly known as a “donut,” should only be used for a limited number of miles.

A “donut” is considerably easier to maneuver and that is a huge benefit. But that’s where the benefits end! The spare does not provide a comfortable ride and does not look that great on your vehicle. It is very unsafe to use the “donut” on a long-term basis. There is decreased handling ability. And it should not be used at a speed higher than 50 m.p.h. or the speed determined by the manufacturer.

Honda of Abilene has tire replacement services when you need us! In the meantime, stay safe during your travels!



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