There are so many things going on in front of the vehicle that it can be easy to neglect what's behind it. Without any kind of special features, it can be easy to back into another vehicle or object. But the Honda Passport, an all-new midsize SUV, you'll get to see more so that you can avoid accidents, and at Honda of Abilene, we're excited to tell you all about it.

When you're backing out of a tight parking spot, you usually can't see around the other vehicles. You slowly back out, hoping that you'll see a vehicle before it hits you. But if you have the Cross-Traffic Alert, which comes on the Passport, it will tell you about the other vehicle before you have the accident.

And if you've ever backed into a pole in the underground parking lot, you'll appreciate the backup camera. This feature can help you avoid all sorts of objects and even pets.


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