We at Honda of Abilene know that amid the distractions of life, staying alert is an important issue for drivers. Enter the Honda Accord — this popular midsize sedan features a cabin that's specifically engineered to help you stay aware, no matter where you're driving.

When the road is crowded, the Accord's available head-up display keeps you informed. This smart system projects crucial stats right onto the bottom of the windshield. A quick glance tells you everything from the current speed to driving directions, so you can stay informed without ever taking your eyes off of other drivers.

It's easy to stay alert in the Accord, thanks to the standard active noise cancellation technology. By counteracting outside noises, it creates a silent and peaceful cabin. That way, you can relax and stay focused. Find out how it works by coming to our Abilene dealership to take a test drive in the Accord.


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