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Seeking Safety For Your Teen Driver

Although you might not be in a rush to see your teenager behind the wheel of a car, there are a few tips for choosing a vehicle that is the safest for your teen to drive and one that is cost-efficient as well. The first step is finding a car that fits the budget that you have. Avoid getting one that is new in the event of an accident as a used car likely won't result in higher insurance rates.

Look at vehicles that are smaller compared to vans and SUVs. A smaller vehicle is usually easier to control…

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How to Haggle the Best Price on Used Cars

The entire team at Honda of Abilene wanted to pass along some helpful advice for being able to haggle the best deals on a used car. Here are two tips to help get you started.

In order to get the best possible deals on used cars, you need to be willing to walk away from any deal that you don't like. If you let the seller see your enthusiasm for a car, then you lose your bargaining power. If you don't feel like you got a good deal, just start walking.

Begin negotiations by making low but reasonable…
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Tips For Buying Used

A used vehicle is a very affordable and practical option to consider if you are in the market for a new vehicle. This is also a really great option to consider for someone who is a new driver and doesn't have a lot of savings built up. There is a lot to understand about buying a new vehicle though. The process of financing a vehicle and negotiating for one that is used is very different than something that is new.

When you are starting to get serious about a specific vehicle you will want to run the history for…
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Honda Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles Are Certifiably Great Buys

Finding a high quality vehicle doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. You can drive a reliable used Honda in Abilene that fits your budget, and warranty protection comes as the cherry on top. That's what makes Honda Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicles such great buys.

Why should you think about a Honda CPO vehicle? Because of all of the program benefits. In order for a pre-owned Honda to receive certification, it must be six years or newer with under 80,000 miles, and pass a thorough 182-point inspection. Any parts that are worn are either reconditioned…

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