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The Honda Fit is a Great Fit for Back-to-School Driving

It's that time of year again: back-to-school. And if you have a college kid heading back to school, finding the right vehicle is imperative. Honda of Abilene has the solution: the new Honda Fit. The Fit is a great fit for back-to-school driving in Abilene because of its versatility.

The Second-Row Magic Seat provides a ton of cargo storage options, perfect for packing your dorm room luggage. All thanks to the 60/40 split configuration.

Fold the second row seats in Utility Mode, producing up to 52 cubic feet of cargo space.

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Doing the Work Yourself? Use Genuine Honda Parts in Abilene!

When you pull your vehicle into the garage, pop the hood, and get to work... what parts are you using? If you love doing the maintenance and service on your own Honda, you'll want to make sure you use the parts that are going to last. And that means using genuine Honda parts from our Parts Center.

Why should you use genuine Honda parts instead of aftermarkets? Four reasons:

  • Quality: Genuine Honda parts come straight from the factory, meaning they're as high quality as your Honda vehicle itself. And aftermarket parts? You just never know what the quality…
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The Advanced Safety of the 2017 Honda CR-V

When safety is the number one priority on the road, it's important to drive a vehicle that shares the same values. We have a sense that the 2017 Honda CR-V is just the vehicle. Thanks to Honda Sensing safety technology, the CR-V sets an extra pair of eyes on the Abilene roads!

What safety and driver-assistive technologies are a part of Honda Sensing?

  • Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS): If you start drifting into another lane without a turn signal, the LKAS will gently adjust your steering to bring you safely back into your lane.
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Leasing a New Honda in Abilene Gives You Options

When shopping for a new vehicle, it's important to have options. But how do you keep your options open to upgrade to newer vehicles more often? It can be a challenge when you buy a vehicle, but much easier if you lease. That's one of the reasons that a new Honda lease is so appealing to Abilene drivers. Leasing a new Honda gives you options!

A new Honda lease lets you pay less than full price on a vehicle because you're only making payments for the duration of your lease. That's typically 36 months. Monthly payments…

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Routine Oil Changes are Important

Oil provides many benefits to your vehicle. It will keep the internal components lubricated, removed bits of debris, and reduce the damage that heat can do to your engine. Oil gets dirty over time, which is why it is important to change it at regular intervals. Mechanics will let you know when you should get your next oil change, but the general rule is every 5,000 miles.

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What Are You Looking For?

What are you looking for? When starting the car search, some shoppers in Abilene are open to a lot of different vehicle ideas. Others know exactly what they want. So why spend so much time wading through endless inventories to find it? Use the CarFinder tool through Honda of Abilene!

The CarFinder tool makes it so you don't have to do the hard work of finding the perfect vehicle... because we'll do the looking for you. Simply enter information about your desired vehicle, like make and model, or even as specific as mileage on the odometer and miles…

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The Honda Pilot is the Right SUV to Navigate Your Life

Navigating through life in Abilene can sometimes be a challenge. Good thing you have a co-pilot. The new Honda Pilot brings comfort, space, and performance to the Sweetwater, Weatherford, and San Angelo roads. The best news? It's available right now at Honda of Abilene.

The cabin of the Pilot can fit eight in three rows of seating, and is still incredibly comfortable. And it's no problem getting into that back row with the One-Touch 2nd-Row Seat. If you jump up to the Pilot Elite, your passengers get the first-class treatment with heated second row Captain's Chairs.

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Do Your Brakes Need to Be Repaired?

We know, you hear it all the time: "Routine maintenance is the key to keeping your Honda running longer." It remains as true as ever, and it's beneficial to take seriously. Especially when it comes to your brakes. Eventually, you'll need brake service in Abilene, and it's important to recognize the symptoms.

Do your brakes need to be repaired? Keep an eye and ear out for some of the following signs:

  • Worn down brake pads: Your pads should be at least a quarter of an inch thick. When you notice they're getting a little too thin…
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The 2017 Honda Odyssey is Ready to Move Your Family Through Abilene

Quality family vehicles are hard to come by. Most require you to make some compromises, but not the 2017 Honda Odyssey. It's ready to move your family through Abilene. When you pile everyone into the Odyssey, you may just find that it's the right minivan for your family.

The interior of the Odyssey gives you plenty of versatility in terms of your seating arrangements. From the ability to seat up to eight and provide better 2nd-row passenger comfort with Wide Mode, to the 3rd-row Magic Seat that gives you some extra cargo space, this van can configure to…

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