Why Your Vehicle Needs Regular Brake Fluid Changes

Chances are you don't think much about brake fluid unless something happens to your brakes. However, dirty brake fluid or leaks can cause massive damage to one of your car's most important systems. Here is how brake fluid helps this system operate.

Every time you step on the pedal, hydraulic fluid rushes to each brake to help slow your car. The fluid also helps lubricate the braking system so its components last longer. If your car takes longer to stop or if the pedal feels spongy or requires heavy pressure when you try to stop, the brake fluid…

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Tips For Buying Used

A used vehicle is a very affordable and practical option to consider if you are in the market for a new vehicle. This is also a really great option to consider for someone who is a new driver and doesn't have a lot of savings built up. There is a lot to understand about buying a new vehicle though. The process of financing a vehicle and negotiating for one that is used is very different than something that is new.

When you are starting to get serious about a specific vehicle you will want to run the history for…
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Safety ratings organizations use different systems

A big part of making an informed vehicle purchase these days is gathering information about the cars. Different ratings are important. The safety rating, predicted maintenance ratings, reliability ratings, and the specific history of the particular vehicle may make a great purchase decision obvious.

When it comes to crash safety ratings, the two best known are those published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Association and the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety. The NHTSA is a federal government association, and it uses a 1 to 5-star rating system. 


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Risks and Rewards of Using Roof Racks

We here at Honda of Abilene feel very strongly that everybody should know how to properly use their vehicles. Unfortunately, many people are not aware how to use the various features of their cars in the proper manner. Using things incorrectly carries the risk of personal injury, damage to the components or vehicle, and other dangers. As such, here are some various tips for how to properly use a roof rack.

Roof racks can be very useful tools, since they make it possible for you to carry much more cargo than otherwise would be possible. 

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It's Time to Plan for Back-to-School Service

The summer has been moving apace. In fact, the time has arrived to start thinking about back-to-school service for your car. Once school starts, odds are you will be responsible for transporting your children and their friends to a variety of events and activities. Thus, you need to make sure your vehicle is in tip-top condition.

When it comes to back-to-school service for your vehicle, you need to consider everything from oil to other engine fuels to tires. Truly, you must make sure all aspects of your vehicle are in prime condition. 

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Avoiding the Car Tire Blowout on the Highway

Low air pressure in your car tires could certainly lead to a tire blowout and possible accident on the road. These tips offered by Honda of Abilene should help you spot serious concerns before the tires are compromised.

Look at the tires at least once a week, you want to identify things that just don't see ordinary with the car tires. One of the concerns should be if you see wear in patches or bald spots only in certain sections of the car tire.

While inspecting the car tires, it is important you look for cracks in the treads…

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The Top Signs that Your Brake Pedal Needs Repairing

A good brake pedal should feel firm on your vehicle. Results should be powerful enough that drivers do not feel as though they are in danger. When the brake pedal malfunctions, however, drivers may be faced with a problem. Watch out for these signs that suggest your brake pedal needs to be repaired.

One of the first signs of a problem is air in the brake lines. If air gets in the brake lines, the fluid may not be working properly. Sometimes there may be signs of obvious physical damage as well. Drivers should inspect their brake pedal lines to…

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Choosing the Right Floor Mats for Your Vehicle

There are a number of small decisions that you can make for your vehicle, and Honda of Abilene wants you to be fully informed as you make each of those decisions. It is important for you to know what you are doing as you choose between rubber and carpet floor mats.

When you pick out a rubber floor mat, you are set up with something that is extremely easy to clean. 

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The Benefits of Using a Dash Cam

The staff at Honda of Abilene wants you to understand all of the components that you can add to your vehicle that could be helpful to you. We would like for you to know just how a dash cam could benefit you.

A dash cam can be beneficial if you are involved in an accident of some kind. It will help you know what took place and it will help you prove your side of the story. 

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Choosing Your Next Vehicle: Front vs. Rear Wheel Drive

Trying to decide between the front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive for your next vehicle? You can base your decision on where you drive, and how you drive. Here are some pointers to help you decide.

Vehicles with rear-wheel drive offer durability. Their solid axle design stands up to more extreme driving conditions. Also, rear-wheel drive vehicles have better balance because the weight of the vehicle is more evenly distributed. And, better balance translates to easier control while driving.

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