Honda of Abilene's Online Finance Application Puts Determining Your Financial Eligibility at Your Fingertips

Whether you're considering a model in our lineup of myriad new Honda vehicles, one from an immense variety of automakers in our pre-owned inventory, or just looking to to take advantage of special deals on Honda parts and services, we're sure you'd rather spend your time in a test driver's seat or speeding off the lot with that expert service or sought-after part, one-and-done. That's why we at Honda of Abilene utilize our website to help make the process a snap. Not only can you browse our new and pre-owned vehicle offerings before heading out to see us from San Angelo, Brownwood, Sweetwater, or Clyde, but you can also estimate your vehicle trade-in as well as get a head start on the financing or leasing process via our easy-to-use Car Loan Credit Application. Just answer a few quick, simple and secure personal, vehicle, employment and income, and relevant co-buyer questions, and our Finance Department will get to work finding the right car payment conditions that keep your budget firmly in mind.

And whether you decide to lease or outright finance, we agree that it should be on your terms. So whence comes the difference?

  1. Lease down and monthly payments are often both lower than financed payments, geared toward paying depreciation costs rather than the cost of a new vehicle plus interest.
  2. Plus, leasing allows you to switch cars more frequently, enabling turn-in when the lease expires.

Assuming you're amenable to not owning a vehicle, to its potential repair costs, to staying within dealer-required mileage, beginning an eventual new lease at new cost or possibly switching to the financing option down the road, leasing's an excellent option for the budget-minded.

  1. Financing, or buying, a vehicle means, versus leasing, outright ownership upon completing monthly payments toward and eventually reaching total cost, and often on terms flexible enough to suit budgetary requirements.
  2. Monthly payments may be higher than a lease, but terms are usually extendable, making possible those lower, and you can travel without mileage restrictions, make desired vehicle modifications, and so on. And once you're paid off, the vehicle is yours.

So if you can afford a higher initial down payment around 10 to 15 percent of your vehicle's initial cost, and you're okay with your monthly fee, financing or direct purchase may be the option for you.

You're welcome to take a few moments to fill out the form below to help us make your visit to our Abilene, TX Honda dealership as efficient as possible. We'll be sure to contact you once we receive your information, and in the meantime, we're here to help! Feel free to get in touch with us on the Web or give us a call with any questions at (866) 661-3446.